All people would like their wishes to come true, as well as the stories. But would you be surprised if there is a way to stop being a story and now be a reality? Now with slots games for mobile devices and online slots, your dreams can come true, and one of those games is The Wish Master.

The Wish Master: The slots game that makes your wishes comes true

The Wish Master is a slots game that is characterized by having five reels, three rows, and 20 lines. This wonderful game is set in a remote cave that is located in a desert, where you will find a magic lamp that waits for you to release it. When the player finds the lamp, he will be able to take out the genius that is locked in it, and he can help him escape from that place every time a Scatter symbol appears on the reels, which has a particular parchment-like shape with the image of a lamp drawn on it. That’s when the player can see all the magic hidden in that lamp.

However, that is not the only thing that can happen in The Wish Master game. Because at any time you can leave different, one of them is the symbol of Wild, where its function is to change the corresponding symbols for a Wild, could also come out different multipliers of x2 or x3.

Other symbols that can come out in this slot game are: Wilds of random shapes that are wild floating animals that appear randomly or randomly on the reel; other of the figures that could come out is the Expanding Wilds that are in charge of offering the wild cards to the players and finally you can get the full Wild reels, which is when the player manages to fill the entire reel with the symbols of the Wild.

All players must take into account all the features described above will only last 10 full turns in the game, so you will have many opportunities and time to spare to benefit from these symbols. If you like to play this great slot machine you can check Jackpot City casino and take advantage of their welcome bonus. It should be noted that all participants if they wish, can perform different types of progress tracking of all the functions of the game, as well as the special functions found on the upper left side of The Wish Master.

But other things that few players know is that participants can keep these tabs because the game allows to have up to three special functions active on the roller at the same time. On the other hand, if the player shows a “Dispersion” symbol once he has the active special functions the counter will allow him to have more turns, which will increase up to five turns. But you should keep in mind that if a 4th special function is activated, the first one could be replaced and automatically five turns will be added.

Other options offered by the game to increase your profits are the multipliers, in which if you have an active x2 multiplier and at the same time you have an active multiplier x3, all the gains you have can multiply x6.

Finally, you should know that although the laughter that originates in the game usually seems a bit frightening for the players, this is synonymous with the fact that the player will receive a certain amount of good enough bonuses, in which you will be able to obtain thanks to them. 900 thousand coins at once in the slot machine.