In today’s world of globalization, I believe there will be none hasn’t heard about the hip hop and rap music and hasn’t adored it. When it comes to me I really can’t live without it or in other words you can say that I literally listen to it more than 12 hours a day. Well few of my personal favorites are Jay Z, Eminem, Alicia Keys, 50 Cents Florida and so many.

Well, this last night I came to know about this Australian casino slot that is also based on the same theme of hip hop and rap. The name of the pokie machine is the Loaded Pokies as it supposed to be loaded with all the famous hip hop and rap artist with all the lavish lifestyle and colors of their of lives.

When I heard about the same, I instantly felt the desire to try it at least once and so i went to some casino forums and all to get to know more about it and read the reviews of the same. Eventually I found out that this one is quite a popular poker machine and has rules the hearts of players for a long time.

After, getting satisfied with the reviews I also watched some tutorial videos of the same pokie to get familiar with the interface of the game and then I finally made the download of the game app in my iPhone. And guess what I was totally surprised with the interface of the slot machine as it was so good and appealing that I played the same for around 4 hours consecutively and still was not bored of it. There I made the decision to play it with the real money version as well and make some money out of it.