These tips are for seniors who plan to visit Las Vegas in the near future. These tips are based on years of experience.

The most important tip is the first. If you are staying on the Las Vegas Strip, you should walk outside your hotel to see all the huge resorts built over the years. Las Vegas resorts have been built with billions and millions of dollars. Next, consider where the money was coming from to build these massive resorts. This will help you see the likelihood of you leaving Las Vegas as a winner.

Are you still interested in donating your money to resorts? These rules will help you give less money to the resorts than you would otherwise.

The first and foremost important rule is not to play the slots machines.

If you can’t resist, these are some ideas:

1) Pay attention to the maximum amount you can play to win big jackpots. For example, you might need to play 300 coins on penny slots to win the bid pot in Las Vegas. Penny slots are $3.00 machines.

2) The.25 Cent Wheel of Fortune is the best mega-jackpot in Las Vegas. The jackpot pays out in an average of 14 days. This is an average payout and it could be shorter or longer than that. Remember that the jackpot will only be paid out to one machine in Nevada.

You can also visit local casinos such as the Palms, Rio and Gold Coast. Although they offer a higher payout, the odds of winning are still against you.

4) No matter what you may read online about “equal opportunity”, some areas and machines in a casino pay more than others. Sometimes, just by being an observer, it is possible to find machines that pay better. You should also consider the MGM Grand Lion machines just outside the main elevators. Harrah’s Dollar World is near the sportsbook. MGM Mirage is just past the elevators. It’s on the right, going towards the elevators, and on the left, coming out of the elevators. Flamingo “Sizzling Sevens”, near the sportsbook.

5) Most machines are now ticketless. Simply put your money into the machine, and then “cash out”. Then, take the ticket to the counter and tell the attendant the amount you have won. You’ll feel happier and have more money.