Being an animal lover, visiting the Africa for a wild safari was the ultimate fantasy of mine. I have adored the adored both the wild and pets equally. And i believe this love has been derived because I used to go to this farmhouse my grandpa used to possess and it was situated at the countryside.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go on this African safari in reality, but this last week I came to know about this online casino slot machine  that is based on the same theme of African safari and the name of the slot is the Lion’s pride. This pokie is composed of 100 pay lines and five reels and the slot’s wild symbol pays off the most when five appear on any of the reel that may go up to hundred enabled lines.

When I found this pokie, the musings of up and coming on the online pokies payouts were striking my brain. In beginning I was thinking to play with no store reward since playing with genuine cash is minimal dangerous and I truly would not like to go out on a limb which could hurt my pocket. I saw a site called Royal Vegas and saw many interesting recreations yet those all were not for nothing.

This online casino slot machine uses a stacked wild system, in which that player can use the wilds to stack on any of the five reels, increasing your chance of making the winning combination. So after knowing about the basic of this pokie, I felt the urge to play it as well. So I made the free download of the pokie app in my android phone.

Well, it’s totally up to the player that whether he likes to play the slot online or after making the offline to play it offline. But my friend who referred me this slot also told me that it’s better to play them offline to get the better graphics and sound. I was so amazed playing the slot as it got all the wild animals including zebras, antelopes, and other species native to Africa. But since the name of the pokie is the Lion’s pride so the special symbol goes to the king of the jungle, “Lion”.