Casino chips are small plastic discs that can be used to exchange currency in casinos. You can choose from colored metal, injection-molded, or clay casino chips. Most casino chips are made from metal chips, while clay and plastic chips are used for table games.

You can exchange money at the table, casino cage, or the tables for casino chips—at the online roulette table or the cashier station. Although the casino chips have no value beyond the casino, some casinos in Las Vegas might honor chips from other casinos or businesses, such as waiters and taxi drivers, particularly for tips.

There are many reasons why casino chips were used. The main reason is that they are easier to use than currencies and make counterfeiting and theft more difficult. It is easier to count chips in stacks than count paper currency at a table because of their size, regularity, and coloring patterns. This has the main advantage that the security or pit boss can verify the amount paid faster, which reduces the dealer’s chance of mistakes. It has been observed that customers are more comfortable gambling with substitute currencies than cash.

Many casinos have moved from using metal chips and coins in their slot machines to pre-pay cards or paper receipts. These methods can be costly, but they reduce coin handling costs and prevent jamming in machines that use coins. The coin mechanisms have been removed from slot machines and fruit machines, allowing more room to store game-specific technology, enhancing the user’s overall gaming experience.

A growing number of people are interested in collecting gaming tokens and casino chips. In 1988, a collectors club was formed. Some casino chips can be worth as much as $100,000. Many casinos offer custom-made sets with one or two cards and a set of chips.

Even though gambling houses were legalized in Venice in 1626, actual poker chips weren’t used for more than two hundred years. Instead, poker players used any valuable object available in the 19th century. Some early poker players used jagged pieces of gold, gold nuggets, or gold dust. They also used “chips” primarily made from ivory, bone, wood, and paper.

Each online casino has its own set of chips, even if it is part of larger companies that own many casinos. This is what distinguishes casino chips from other casinos. The correct amount of cash must back up every casino chip.